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Reviewed : Mar 17, 2020
" Waiting over a month on an order "
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We had placed an order to be delivered to the store for pick up. It was about 10 pairs of shoes and on a friday we got an email that they where ready for pick up. An hour later we got an email that they were already picked up when we were still in school. When we got to the store, there where issues finding the order and they told us they were already picked up. I advised them I was the only one authorized to pick it up so why would somebody else pick it up. The other half of the order, 6 pairs of shoes where arriving the next day according to the email. We gave it 3 extra days after receiving the email that where ready to pick up, and when we went to pick them up, they did not have the order. They tried giving us the wrong color, and customer service was contacted, but they began giving us a hard time. Apparently they couldnt fulfill the order that was placed and where making us place another order. Weeks later we are still waiting for that order to arrive. On the tracking order, shows that it took one full day to go from one city to another city an hour apart. Something needs to be done for future reference.

Shopped at : February, 2020
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